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Smart garage doors, thermostats, smart lighting, and more.

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Hastings Smart Technologies

Smart Home Technologies

Have you ever got to work and thought "Did I shut my garage door?"

Have you ever came home after dark and wished your lights were on? 

Have you ever gone on vacation and had a pipe break?

Do you ever want to check in on your pets during the day?

Have you ever had your car broke into in your driveway?

Can you save money on insurance by having a Smart Home?

Hastings Smart Technologies will answer all these questions and raise your home IQ!!!

I can’t thank Hastings Smart Technologies enough for my home security system. Dave is very knowledgeable and hooked everything up quickly and efficiently Everything is hooked up to my phone enabling me to get notifications when I’m not home. Great service. Great prices and a great product! Doug Geck
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About Hastings Smart Technologies

I have always been intrigued with technology. In my younger days I traveled with many rock bands as a guitar tech. Always eager to learn the newest and breaking  technologies in electronics and sound systems. When I got married and settled in Billings MT, I began my 25 year career with a cable company, where I gained customer service experience along with continuing to expand and grow my...